Amber Wagstaff, LMT, NMT
Licensed Massage Therapist & Certified Neuromuscular Therapist

Chair Massage

Therapeutic On-Site Chair Massage 

(for events, meetings, holiday gifts, employee incentive, etc.)

Employer Benefits       

Increases employee productivity

Creates an attractive work environment

Increases employee retention

Decreases employee absenteeism

Reduces health care costs


Employee Benefits

Reduces stress

Relieves muscle tension & pain

Improves quality of sleep

Relieves headaches

Decreases blood pressure

Prevents repetitive strain injuries

Improves immune function

Improves focus, energy & mental clarity


How it works:

  • You provide as a benefit to your employees at no cost to them
  • You pay a portion, employee pays a portion
  • Employee pays full rate


$85/hour if within Kalispell city limits

Additional $15 travel fee if outside Kalispell city limits

Contact me for details (208) 916-7971 or